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  1. Merkaba or Merkabah (mer-KA-ba) symbolizes body, light, and spirit. This Egyptian word can be split into three components for deeper translation. Mer: ‘Mer’ refers to the two rotating fields of light within you that form when you engage in certain breathing patterns. Ka: ‘Ka’ represents one’s spirit.
  2. Product Description. MerKaBa is eclectic, original and represents an awakening of experimental music on this continent. If you like World, Rock, Folk and Tribal Ambient music, your spirit will soar to the sounds of MerKaBa.5/5(2).
  3. What is a Merkaba? A Merkaba is a Love Oriented Dance of Energy that expands the size of the Consciousness in one’s Light Body to a Love-Love Light Body so one may activate 7 Merkabas from the Angelic to Solar Sun level in this Universe and experience multiple dimensional levels simultaneo us .
  4. Merkaba Jewelry, is a unique, world-class geometric jewelry brand, inspired by the minimalism of Japanese aesthetic, rooted in the serenity of space between all things.
  5. Nov 13,  · Let’s divide the word Merkaba into three parts – Mer-Ka-Ba. The word is of Egyptian origin. Similar to the Egyptian mummies, Merkaba is intriguing and layered. To put it simply, ‘Mer’ means a light that rotates within itself, ‘Ka’ means spirit, and ‘Ba’ means the physical body.
  6. MIND: The speed increases to 9/10 the speed of light and stabilizes the MER-KA-BA. MERKABA BREATH: Same as breath 15 and 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure. As you feel the speed take off, let all your breath out with force. You are now in your stable and Third dimensionally tuned MER-KA-BA.
  7. Mer-Ka-Ba is a 5, year old word that describes how one can use one’s Conscious Awareness to fill one’s Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness with the energies of Unconditional Love and transcend dimensional levels of Consciousness.
  8. Merkaba Meaning: A Teleportation Device. It carries within it an extraordinary capacity for spiritual transformation. A Merkaba star is employed by Seekers and Real Walkers to teleport into astral dimensions to connect to a higher consciousness.. Merkaba is an excellent tool for self-healing.

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