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  1. noncompos definition: Noun (plural noncompos or noncomposes) 1. A foolish person. Origin From non compos mentis.
  2. Definition of noncompos in the lulripufomicarmiforreiperslowho.xyzinfo dictionary. Meaning of noncompos. What does noncompos mean? Information and translations of noncompos in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
  3. May 26,  · Cameron, Boulder County’s representative at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, misspelled “noncompos” in the second round of the bee’s .
  4. Noncompos. Bagshot, United Level Contributor. 46 posts. 23 reviews. 12 helpful votes. Re: Dominican Republic Tourist Card Online purchase. 4 years ago. Save. I'd like to order the tourist card online but don't have a working printer - do they send a printable PDF? ie: can I forward it on to someone with a printer? Slightly concerned.
  5. Non compos mentis definition is - not of sound mind. How to use non compos mentis in a sentence.
  6. Idiot synonyms. Top synonyms for idiot (other words for idiot) are fool, stupid and silly - Page
  7. Non compos mentis (latin) is the legal a term meaning "not of sound mind".Non compos mentis derives from the Latin non meaning "not", compos meaning "having command" or "composed", and mentis (genitive singular of mens), meaning "of mind".It is the direct opposite of .
  8. and steel deck, either composite or noncompos-ite, provide more restraint than the subgrade for a slab-on-ground. Therefore, cracks typically occur between the joints cut in the elevated slab. The cracks that form aren’t usually an issue because all three design documents mentioned previously require shrinkage and .

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